Saturday, October 1, 2011

... and yes, we are still here. Or at least I am anyhow. Nathan has been married off (read: dead). And since the start of this blog was in direct retaliation to another brother's choice to get married, I felt it was only appropriate to renew my blogging efforts. Because I'm still here.

Also, I'm kind of bored.

However, explanations and catch-ups aside, today was the start of General Conference, which I love whole-heartedly (all of conference, not just the start). We're only one session down and I already have a slew of talks labeled "Read again", which is my little tag to myself to signify that there was too much to get for just one listen.

But I think one of the best moments of this morning for me was the announcement of the church's new program, similar to the Perpetual Education Fund, that helps members to be able to have financial help to attend the temple. *Quick side-note for anyone not familiar with LDS temples, there is no financial cost to enter a temple, however, in some parts of the world families need to save up for years to be able to afford the transit to and from the temple*

The reason this was so powerful for me is because as it was being announced, it was clear to me that it was an inspired program. I felt the spirit as I tried to imagine the individuals who would benefit from this program, but more so, what those benefits would be. I feel like for the majority of those who will use this program, they will be making the trip to have their family sealed for time and all eternity.

I love watching this church and the way that it works, and the way that they will respond to the needs of the members in whatever way necessary (this is one of the reasons that I find LDS Family Services so intriguing). It helped me to understand that Heavenly Father knows and loves each one of His children (this was a message throughout the morning session) and that this love is expressed and translated directly through the leadership of the church.

I love conference.

See you in a year. Or tomorrow. I haven't decided yet...

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  1. Bradwich said...
    Yay, you blogged! Btw, I totally agree about the new temple travel fund--I met a lot of people in Bolivia who will be helped immensely by it. Very cool stuff.

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