Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's that time of year again!


Oh my goodness!

Things got a little crazy.

Then things got a lot crazy.

Then things got a little violent.

Then things got a lot violent.

Those family members who were at the Eddington Christmas party might notice that the white elephant gift that I received has already been put to good use. I'm doing another set of shoots tomorrow night. They will probably be less crazy, but no one really knows. View the whole shoot at my Flickr site.

Also, bonus points if you can correctly identify the two pictures of Nathan in this post.


  1. BUSNINJA said...
    I know! I know! But I guess I probably shouldn't give it away.
    Laurel C. said...
    Nice use of a white elephant gift! I guess Grandma really will have to take up wood carving to make all of us one of those babies.

    Nathan? I'm going to guess the Blue Dude. And of course the last picture... the one where he's not a blue Richard Simmons or a UPC symbol.
    Bradwich said...
    Where'd the spandy suits come from?

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