Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two posts, two days. Make sure your food storage is in order. The end is near.

I love conference (see all previous mentions of conference). As always, there were a number of amazing talks this year. I am kind of curious as to why I always feel like there is such an amazing number of amazing talks and amazingly I think the answer is that the quality doesn't change. Conference is always amazing because it's what we need at that time.

Recently, during hometeaching, my roommate made a really interesting observation and pointed out that what the prophets say in conference can be seen as scripture. This I knew. But then he started talking about the idea of 6 months and why we have conference semi-annually. It kind of hit me in a really interesting way. Conference is the scripture that we need for the next six months. If there is something that takes more than six months or is a continuing problem, there is a very good chance that we will hear about it in the next conference. And then we will have another six months where we will know that it is the will of the Lord and that it's something that we should be looking at or working on.

So, like I said, it's not necessarily that this conference was better than last conference or that the speakers were more prepared, but the endless quality that comes from conference is because it is so pertinent to what the church needs.

So thinking back on this conference I think that my favorite moment was Saturday night. I love priesthood session. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's that there seems to be more directness, maybe it's the specificity of the topics and how they relate to me, but something about the priesthood session just always seems to make it a favorite. This one was no exception.

To be fair, there were a number of factors that led up to me really liking this one. I went to conference in SLC. I went with my awesome roommates. Elder Holland was the first speaker. All favorite things. I have a particular love for the talks of Elder Holland and President Eyring. I think it has to do with their willingness to approach subjects from the emotional/passionate side. I feel that's how I approach many things as well.

I loved Elder Holland's talk. It was phenomenal and he made the conference center buzz with the power of his message. It was the kind of talk that I honestly don't know who the two speakers after Elder Holland were because I was so focused on writing all of my thoughts down that I missed their messages. For those who haven't seen his talk, I highly recommend going and streaming the video. It needs to be watched. Not just read.

Overall, I think that some of the main topics this session were: Missionary/Priesthood responsibility, repentance, and reading the scriptures. I love that there are so many messages there. I love that there is this renewed desire in me to change and improve and to make goals. I love that everyone else probably got entirely different things out of conference than I did.

I especially love that we get to do this again in six months.

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  1. Bradwich said...
    E' Holland is my favorite, too. I was thinking about the same thing that your HT compy brought up over these past couple weeks--this is what we need most for the next 6 months. I like conference.

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