Monday, June 21, 2010

The Photo Booth

The Photo Booth, originally uploaded by Christian Cragun.

I made this, you should watch it.

(by "I", I mean that my roommate Scott and my brother did most of the work, but I took all the pictures and came up with the idea...)

Friday, June 18, 2010

This post won't be too long.

First of all. I'm home. It's a wonderful feeling. Don't get me wrong, I loved London, but like the title says, I am done with living out of a suitcase. It's good to have some stability.

Interestingly enough, I found that I started to miss the oddest stuff. For example, having a calling in a ward. The Hyde Park ward which I was attending decided to not give the students callings, which made some sense when we saw just how many visitors they had on a weekly basis.

Also I missed root beer. It does not exist overseas.

I also missed having a working camera. Yes, sad story. My Sigma 18-50 f/2.8 lens busted. It isn't shattered, but the zoom ring disconnected from the internal mechanisms. So, that sucks, and I'll have to take it to a local repair shop and get an estimate. Hooray! Luckily it didn't break until I was almost home, but unfortunately I don't have many pictures of Scotland because of it...

Speaking of pictures. The final count for pictures taken for the whole trip (including about 100 for California before actually flying out) is:

2396 pictures.

So I've been a busy little bee and have been working my hardest to get those processed (ready to view) and up online. You can find them on my flickr account. I'm going to work at getting it more organized, but at the moment I figure I'll just get them up and deal with organization later. I particularly recommend the pictures of the London Temple, which you might have already seen in an earlier post. But still, I love them. Also, if you have a flickr account (they're free) please feel free to add comments and add favorites. This helps me narrow things down and also gets me a little bit more traffic from other photographers.

Well, I'll probably post more pictures here and there, maybe tell some more stories about London, put up a show list, etc.

But for now I'll just leave you with this, my favorite purchase from the trip:

Ratatat | Lex