Monday, October 3, 2011

Since this is a blog that was also created to keep family informed on the whereabouts of the two (now one) youngest Cragun boys, I feel that I should give some highlights from the past ten months.

I love lists.

  • I think the biggest thing that has happened is that I have gained a new sister and lost a roommate. This all happened in one swift move. Amoray fits into the family a little too well, but I guess that's why Nathan fell for her. But this also means that Nathan is no longer my roommate. For which he is eternally grateful...
  • I graduated. Really. I am now licensed to teach theater and psychology grades 6-12. I know that sounds fancy, but poverty really never is...
  • I student taught. It was fabulous. I taught at Timpview High School (go T-Birds!) and I loved it. I wouldn't necessarily say that every second was amazing, but most every experience that I had was beneficial in some way. Not to mention the kids were awesome. I really did get a taste of what teaching is all about and I loved it.
  • That being said, I may not teach. Really though. After much thought and deliberation I am finding my life heading more and more to a psychological field such as therapy (as in giving not receiving). Details are still being worked out for all of this.
  • That being said, I am currently teaching. Kind of. I'm currently working as a sub. It's interesting. It has been great to meet all sorts of different teachers, work in various schools, see the different dynamics and the different subjects, and to just be working with the kids again. But something's missing. I have related it to a few friends as the difference between lust and love. I get a little bit of teaching but then I'm gone. There's no real connection. I try to get to know the kids and have a good influence and all that jazz, but they won't ever see me again. There has been more than one day where I have started planning the next day's lesson only to have to remind myself that I am not their teacher. It's kind of sad.
So that has been a short summary of life. I'm sure that I forgot things, but that's what follow-up posts are for, right?


  1. Laurel C. said...
    Are you sure you're not going to teach? It sounds like you really enjoy it. And teachers with such passion are usually extremely good teachers and very influential. You're sure?
    Bradwich said...
    Nice to know what you've been up to. Hope you're doing well (as it sounds you are). Good luck with the big life decisions. Fortunately those are always super easy. /sarcasm

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