Saturday, October 22, 2011

And that includes some members of my family. But I really don't like the word "Yummy". I really don't. I don't like saying it, I don't like reading it, and I especially don't like the sudden increase in popularity that it has gotten (I'm so hipster).

Really though.

I've started trying to cook more, now that I'm a responsible adult or whatever. It seems like almost every recipe that I look up online is described as yummy. If not in the original post, then someone in the comments has almost surely  made up for the deficit. I once saw a dish made primarily out of sausage and other meats described as yummy. I cried.

As a person who likes to over-think every situation, I tried to figure out why I was having this averse reaction to the word. I think it's because it sounds like someone talking to a two year old, which I am not. It just sounds kind of like immaturity in a word. Harsh? It also gets applied to many non-food situations, and that just goes too far for me.

Replacements? Delicious, Savory, Delectable, Tasty, Succulent, and so on.

Let us not neglect these other entries.

Anyhow. It's my burden to deal with. I just wondered if anyone else was a picky as I was. Kind of like how some people will squirm at the word "moist".

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  1. Renny said...
    Christian. You are not alone. I too hate the word yummy. Whoever came up with that word never ate anything other than baby food carrots his entire life.

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