Sunday, October 4, 2009

I really enjoyed this session of General Conference. I mean I always do (who doesn't?)(atheists). I guess I forget just how much I enjoy it. The talk of the town this conference time is Elder Holland's amazingly powerful and impassioned talk about the truth of the Book of Mormon. It was interesting because at one point I thought "This isn't how general authorities speak normally," but then he mentioned something about the world and I reached a decision: this talk is not for me, I can listen to it, but it was Elder Holland speaking to the world, everyone. At least that's my interpretation of it. It is still helpful to the members of the church, but it was not aimed at them. It made me think that must have been what Abinadi sounded like when boldly standing before King Noah.

However, I think that the apostles should have a "This talk is going to be the most quoted talk for the next six months" award. Elder Holland would have it two sessions running. Other winners would be the "Don't Hang Out" talk by Elder Oaks and the "Good Better Best" talk also by Elder Oaks (who looks like he'll be a contender). I hope you don't find this sacrilegious by any means, I really do love and respect these men. They are marvelous speakers and the doctrine is true. I just find it amazing how there always seems to be that one talk that sticks out from the rest, and because of this, it will be our elders quorum lesson bi-monthly for the next year.

Okay, blasphemy aside. I had an amazing weekend. My goal this year was to not try and write down full quotes from the talks, but to write who was speaking and any thoughts that I had while they were speaking. Then I can go back later and re-read the talks and find the quotes. If they meant that much to me now, they'll at least mean something to me then. It went swimmingly. I have pages and pages of notes. Just thoughts about life. A new outlook on some things that I will try to implement and improve on.

Anyhow. I'm excited to go back and revisit these talks over the next six months. I hope that you will too. Here it is.

Seriously, I'm not blasphemous.

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