Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mr. Cragun (original)
Mr. C (obvious)
Mr. Crayon (because misreading Cragun on a whiteboard leads to this)
Mr. Quagmire (Apparently the kid liked Family Guy, though I'm not sure that I want this linked to me...)
Mr. Khaki Pants (I have many pairs now that I'm a teacher. It was noticed)
Mr. Tall (I get asked by students how tall I am almost as much as I get asked if I married... daily)
Mr. Man (This came from an elementary school... surprised? I'm not.)

But the above all favorite:

The Kraken (or just "Kraken")

This is the one that was given to me basically from day one by my Timpview kids. There apparently was also an arm-motion that went along with it that looks similar to an octopus. I did not know about the arm thing until after my student teaching was done and I was helping with the state drama festival. Two of my students (who may or may not be on a list of favorites) turned to me out of the blue and said "DO THE KRAKEN ARMS!". I, never having seen the Kraken arms, simultaneously waved my arms above my head and asked "Is this a thing? Is this something that we do?"

It turns out they had been doing it all along.

*note: I might update this at some point. That is assuming that I somehow accrue more nicknames. Don't I have my fair share though?

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  1. Bradwich said...
    The Kraken... I like it.

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