Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello everyone. I figured that on my return to the blogging world I would indulge in a little shameless self advertising. The main reason that I haven't had much time this last semester is because back in the glorious month of September I was cast in BYU's mainstage production of Tartuffe, a 17th century French comedy by Moliere. Since then it has been long nights of rehearsal and sweat and tears. However, all of our hard work was rewarded last night when we had our first audience. They loved it. The house was nearly full and their reception was wonderful.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, it centers around a hypocritical man who has weaseled his way into a man's house and is mooching off of his kindness. The family wants nothing to do with this hypocrite and tries to convince the father to kick him out, and hilarity ensues (obviously).

Now our take on this play is truly something special. Our director really wanted our piece to have a Tim Burton feel to it (think The Nightmare Before Christmas or Edward Scissorhands). This includes an amazing set full of pictures frames that can either be made transparent or be used to cast silhouettes. The costumes, hair, and make-up all feel like something straight out of Beetlejuice. And of course there is the original music. One of our cast members has written an original score for the show and it sounds SO good.

However this fun little score called for someone to play the clarinet. So... now I play the clarinet. It's actually a lot of fun. Although it was more difficult than I was expecting (even though my Assistant Director, who plays the clarinet, was impressed by how quickly I caught on). So I would like to formally apologize to anyone from my high school band who I may have chastised for not playing their clarinet part perfectly. You now have my sympathy.

For those of you who are in range of BYU and would like to come see the show, DO SO! Really I think that you will quite enjoy it. We run basically every night from now until February 6th. Here's a link where you can buy tickets. And here are some pictures of the production (I'm purposely not posting pictures of me so that it won't ruin the surprise).
(photo credit goes to Michael Handley)

So, I guess that's about it. Oh never fear, I have plenty more to talk about I just don't want to bore you with the longest post on the planet. But here is a preview of some of the other wonderful things happening in my life:

-I'm working on my senior directing project which is an adaptation of Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis.
I'm dating a beautiful girl. (It makes me happy!)
-I'm going on a study abroad to London in the Spring. (That is, once I find some money)
-I now have a photo website.
I have a photo website that actually has pictures on it.
I am a TA for Theatre 101 and it's swell.
-I have added a Psychology Teaching minor, and I am trying to learn new things.
-I still have a severe lack of time.

See you in a few months!

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