Friday, May 7, 2010

Today we went to Kew Gardens which is a gorgeous attraction. It's made up of 300 acres of gardens with a few special greenhouses and such. It is a photographer's dream. Landscape, architecture, floral, subjects everywhere. So, I'll let the pictures do the talking. We went and saw an amazing show tonight called Women Beware Women and I'm too sleepy to do it justice, but it is the best thing that I have seen in London, I may even venture to say in my entire life. I'll post on it later. Okay, now for pictures.

There were about eight of these statues representing major political powers or leaders (i.e. Wales, Scotland, King Frederick). They were all different animals including a Unicorn! I couldn't help thinking about the crazy statue dogs from Ghostbusters though...

This is the three tiered spiral staircase inside the tropical greenhouse. Jason said it felt like being back in Ecuador. My camera felt the effects. The second I stepped into the house my filter fogged up, so I took it off and my lens fogged up. So, I would have to wipe it off take a picture, wipe it off, take a picture, and so on. Annoying.

They also had a marine display. Seahorses are amazing. They swim without any apparent motion at all, so it seems like they are just hovering and scooting around. I thought this turned out fairly well considering it was shot through an aquarium.

This is a Roman type pavilion. I liked the picture. In case you didn't know, London was once ruled by Rome. I think that is why they are having the Olympics here in 2012. Also to end the world.

These are some of the Southwestern desert plants. I love these type of plants, probably because of the Tour de Southwest that I did with Brian and Brent back in 2006. For those who haven't been to Joshua Tree National Park, I highly recommend it.

Allan found this neat little patch of flowers. We called it a grove. That may be incorrect.

Jason and Allan enjoy being dinosaurs, especially when they're in the Evolution House.

This is the outside of the Temperate House. Gorgeous inside and out. The clouds also helped me out a little.

There was quite a bit of Japanese influence. This Zen garden and ornate gate (rhyme!) were also Japanese. I was unable to catch any Pokemon. I was sad.

This I think actually used to be some sort of palace. I'm not really sure because we didn't actually go in because it cost more money and it didn't sound too interesting. But the gardens around the building were amazing.

I love the crazy hedges.

This is taken from inside a metal gazebo that overlooks the garden. This was a gorgeous place.

Anyhow, I'll try to keep posting daily. Keep checking back.

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